Seeing Shadow Shapes exercise (Rachel)

DTO Lesson Drawing (Seeing Shadow Shapes)-716f6106

Hi Matt,

(I missed last weeks critique because things got a bit busy.)

This is my drawing from the seeing shadow shapes exercise. I enjoyed it. I’m finding that going over all of these lessons has really helped to kind of ‘untangle’ my thoughts when approaching a drawing, if that makes sense. I have a better idea of how to break it down into a process in my mind so it’s less intimidating. I’ve always loved details and I’m finding I can get a drawing done more efficiently now. 

Am I needing to add more darker tones to my drawings? I feel like maybe I am using lighter and mid tones but even after darkening the darks, they may not be contrast-y enough?

Let me know what you think. Thanks

Kind Regards,




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September 13, 2020

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