Seeing Shadow Shapes

Seeing Shadow Shapes_Five Value Study final-568628cc

Hi Matt,

Can you please check the face features like the eye, nose and mouth if I drew them correctly because I struggled with them!

Likewise for the nose should I shade the side planes of it, or I only shade the bottom part of it because last time you removed the lines of the nose from my drawing!

Furthermore, I tried to put the values in every area. I would like to ask you if I should put value for the smile lines next the nose , because I can see there is a little shadow there, but you said to me last time that it destroys the light from the front in the other statue, but in this case its from above, so I was not sure if I should put it or not!

Likewise, I struggled with the hair. It looks flat in my painting. I didn’t know how to make it 3 dimensional, because I can’t see the modeling factors in this statue!

Lastly if you can please describe the stone material properties and what difference between painting stone  from other materials like the skin, and how can I make this painting looks more like a statue? There also these white stains confuses me if they are Hilights!

I realized that the statue material don’t show the light area clearly, but the shadow areas I can see them clearly !





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June 12, 2021

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