Sculpture drawing Jan G


Hi Matt, 

Hope you enjoyed your well earned vacation and nice to see you back.  Anyways I have used the 4 box method which you suggested and no it wasn’t easy but I certainly didn’t have the same struggle as I did with the last one.   Tried to pay attention to my line work and where I wanted the viewer to focus on so made my lines darker around the side of her face and tunic.  However got a bit confused when it came to the table which if I went lighter didn’t provide enough contrast and going darker I wasn’t sure if that then became the focal point.  Personally I wanted to go even darker but held off to see what your comments would be.  Struggled as well with the mouth, not the shape or size, I think I pretty much got it, but more getting the shading right.  I feel the shadow around her top lip doesn’t read right, looks more like she’s been eating out the jam pot than a shadow.  Look forward to your critique. 


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November 20, 2019

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