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Hi Matt,

1-Did I got the bottom of the scapula position correct? You said in the video it ends o the 7th Rib, but I don’t see the 7th Rib over the body!

And also the Humerus Bone I guess it, but I didn’t know the bottom part of the elbow!

2-I didn’t get the Acromion! Is it the start of the spine of the scapula, and how you saw the clavicle from this back view? I thought the clavicle can be seen only from the front view!

3-Inregards to the Teres Major and Infraspinatus, I understood that they are these bumps on the scapula, but do these muscles attached to the beginning of the right edge of the Humerus bone?




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September 4, 2022

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