Saturday class – shading – Nancy


Hi Matt,

This needs some serious work to finish it, but I wanted to get something up for crit that is based on a good reference because you’re a good person and don’t deserve to be tormented with the kind of refs I’ve been using lately.

8 1/2″x11″ page in bound sketchbook. Graphite (Blackwing) and Ikea kid’s brush. Drawn during class with an additional hour and 15 minutes of  hacking about.

The actual drawing doesn’t show the stippling of light in the hair that this photo does. The contrast in the photo seems more pronounced than in the drawing and seems to highlight or add some marks in the lower left background shading but doesn’t show the lighter shading in the background right that is visible in the drawing. But, whatever. 

The oddly placed contour lines, missed highlights in the hair, heavy-handed neck shading and the misplaced ear are all shown in this pic as they appear in the drawing though. 😆

Thanks for the Saturday live classes – they’re a really good opportunity to learn new things and offer interesting challenges. I’m really appreciating them!👍

Thanks as always for your time.


(PS – I’m working on a whole new portrait series with graphite and white charcoal on deep tan toned paper but the refs are screenshots of people at home from dual Instsgram livestreams, so though the subjects have wonderful faces, the pics have terrible resolution, terrible lighting AND chat text and emojis over top of the faces. They’re so awful I’m in heaven! 🤣 I wish I could post some for feedback help, but they would hurt you so I won’t.)


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May 18, 2020

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