Sara tree watercolour


Hello Matt,

how are you? In this watercolour I wanted to keep the piece  simple with legible shapes. Even though I have a really busy photo, my goal was to simplify. There are areas where I felt I could perhaps put in extra detail, particularly in the foreground but I thought I’d wait to hear your views as I have a tendency to add extraneous detail.

Thanks for your help,



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November 3, 2019


  1. Ahmet Mert Vural

    I’ve always admired artists who can paint with watercolor and I think you’ve done an amazing job Sara! This looks amazing and I really like your brushwork.

    • Sara Corren

      Thank you for your kind words Ahmet. I’ve just finished a coaching stint with Matt, and I think I’m starting to try and use shapes more consciously.🤞😊

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