Sandrine – Drawing Accurate Shapes


Hi Matt,

I decided to start first with the drawing step by step course. All went well with the pencil to paper lesson, but I felt quite challenged by the accurate shapes one! I can see how beneficial it is to train this skill, there is just something about aiming at “accurate” that makes it intimidating, as I tend to associate it with perfection. 

I’ve found it tricky to assess the size of shapes when drawing only their outline without introducing any difference in tone. Drawing from a picture made it hard to make sense of some of the shapes, especially with the hairstyle and the ears, so I somehow hesitated to draw only what I saw.

In retrospect I understand that the pressure I have felt came from expecting 100% accuracy instead of just observing what works/doesn’t work when trying to make the shapes as accurate as possible.

Something I need to consider for my future attempts at similar exercises is the paper and pencil combination. The paper I have used (Seawhite, Recycled) was really not forgiving regarding erasing. It definitely has a lot of tooth and I used a 4B pencil. 


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October 31, 2021

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