River Dee drawing


Hi Matt,

My first foray into watercolour painting!  I approached this as part of my learning experience and it certainly threw up a lot of questions for me.  What attracted me to the scene were the distant houses on the river but I seem to have completely lost the essence of that.  Should I have done the houses smaller?   I kept the trees behind the houses very light to stop them coming forward but should they be darker?   Couldn’t seem to fathom out how tall my figures should be in relation to the houses and where was the best place to position them, in fact should I even have put them in?  I know there is a myriad of things wrong with the picture and I’m OK with that but I intend doing this picture again and would be so grateful for your guidance on how I should approach it for the next attempt.    Many thanks Jan 


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September 28, 2019

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