Ribcage & Pelvis_ Anatomy Study

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Hi Matt,

I attached the Rib cage and the pelvis without the leg bones which I will post them in a separate image, so we can focus on the Rib cage and the Pelvis, because I still struggle with them!


1-Inregards to the rib cage I reduced the bones to 10 bones, because I think the two floating bones are only visible from behind! And I remove a Rib underneath the Nibbles, because I think there is no one there, but not sure!

2-Are the bottom edges of the bottom 5 Ribs one curve, or each one has a curve as I drew it? (I did red arrow on the place)

3-I still couldn’t recognize the Iliac Crest top bones from the Obliques ones, because there are a lot of bumps in the pelvis area at the waist and also couldn’t recognize the head of Iliac Crest “ASIS”!


I don’t know why the pelvis is too tall, which women normally have less tall pelvis and wider ones, maybe I did it wrong!


Thanks alot








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August 21, 2022

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