Renoir drawing – Aura


Hi Matt,

I’ve been very inspired by your Saturday classes and since I read a lot about art I realized that I would benefit so much more if I started to draw it also. It’s a great exercise and a very efficient routine breaker, especially when alternating between portraits, sculpture or landscape studies. It now seems so evident, yet it was not that evident before you started doing the Saturday classes and actually showing us how you go about it.

Here is a drawing (unfortunately I drew it a bit too small) after a Renoir. I didn’t manage to capture the slight turn of the head nor her eyes and since the drawing was small (yes, I know I should’t do these drawings in a sketchbook, but it was only intended as a quick block-in sketch at first :)) and the paper not very friendly with the col-erase, I didn’t know how to fix it or what else I could do to it. So any suggestions would be much appreciated. I will keep them in mind for my next drawings.

Thank you so much for your critiques and looking forward to the zoom classes.



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September 4, 2020

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