Rebecca – Shae portrait attempt 1


Hi Matt

After a long hiatus due to work, im back doing my art. This is my first attempt at drawing Shae; I wanted to do this in one sitting so this is about 1-2 hours worth. I really appreciate what you said that if you dont get the shadow shapes etc right, it wont look like the person, and this doesnt look like Shae! Im curious, I know I got her eyes and lips wrong among many other details, can this be corrected at this point? Im thinking no as I’ve made it too dark, plus I’ve made her look older (How did I do that, I do that a lot in my drawings??!!). Would you recommend drawing her again, with a lighter and more patient touch, or cut my losses and move to the next lesson?

Thanks as always for your help 🙂






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April 18, 2021

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