Raphael drawing – Aura


Hi Matt,

my upload may be a bit too late for this week’s critique and if it goes only next week it’s alright, my bad.

I didn’t find the time these past weeks to finish this one, and now that I came back to it I was wondering if I should just leave it like that and maybe start anew.

There are so many annoying little things 🙂 with this one, the measurements in the face are off, the relation between the width and the height of the head is not right… I wish I had seen that earlier in the drawing. Could it be also because as I was drawing the two images were not side by side? The reference was higher and on the left on my tilted drawing board. Although I do think it’s rather the eye hand coordination and not stepping back enough. Any thoughts on this one?

Many thanks,



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February 8, 2021

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