Purple bluebells – Jannie


Hi Matt 

I am working on this piece (Oil painting) and looking at it from distance, I can see that I need to make the upper left corner darker, and the right side lighter to make the flowers come more out. 

How is the best way to that – I not sure if a glace of eg. Yellow lemon could do it  where I want it lighter?

I have been over the flowers three times, with “egypt violet and zinc white, however I would like that they were more bright. Maybe I should use Titanium White instead of Zinc ? 

Also lastly the the combination of the bluebells and the tulips, is what I like about the ref. Therefore I need help or a tip to find the rigth red color – I have many reds (to many) and made a Colorchart with all the reds + tint.

I think that red it a very difficult color to use, especially when used on flower paintings like this..

Thank you for your help it is always very much appreciated. 

BR Jannie


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November 26, 2019

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