PtoP Drawing – Mike M.


Hi Matt,

My name is Mike Marttila and I’m hoping to eventually become a professional illustrator for children’s books or a visual development artist in animation. I still have a bit of creative experimenting to do before I feel ready to settle on the more specific type of goal recommended (i.e. particular field, studio/publisher, etc.), but I do know that whatever I settle on will definitely draw on a strong foundation in figure drawing and anatomy. It looks to me like DTO is a terrific resource to help on that front, and I’m excited to join the community!

This is the Pencil to Paper lesson drawing, and actually my second attempt at it. I did an awful job with the proportions on my first go, so that was more of a focal point this time around. I also found out that I have a soft touch, so I’m not sure that I’m doing justice to the darker values here. Beyond that I’m open to any pointers for areas that jump out to you as needing improvement.

Thanks in advance for your critique!

-Mike M.


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November 11, 2019

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