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Hi Matt.

I got my artwork printed at 12x18inches from a store.

I realized that most of the outcome of the print is in my hands in the production stage itself. Prints that were high contrast came out more luminous. Images that had kind of a weak value design failed to stand out. I am sharing some photos of good, ok and bad prints from the lot.

Notes from “ok” column:

The Sharapova print where she is on fire came out very good but there were two vertical linings in the grey area at about the 1/3rds of the width. I’m not sure how they got in there but I only got one copy so I can’t say.

For the Catherine portrait, the grain of the computer generated canvas looked very fake. Also my diagonal hatching looked not so ok at a size that large. I need to paint more zoomed in from now.

The Margot one, it just lacked the punch and the traditional grainy background did not come out great on this thick and relatively smooth art paper. It’s the roughest paper they had. Luckily all the Taylor prints came out amazing.

  • What are some elements in an image that make for a superb print and is using pure black a good thing?



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March 7, 2020

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