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A couple of weeks ago, before the height of covid 19, I went to see a temporary Bouguereau exhibit in San Diego, California at the art museum. I sat and stared at the beauty of Aurora. I stayed there so long a museum guide came up to me and started telling me the story of the paintings, he told me that Bouguereau used a live model to match skin tones but would put his own spin on the face and manipulate other parts too. This is the way I like to draw too. Sometimes I like a pose, or lighting in a reference photo but I like to change up the face or add fabric to make it my own.  What are your thoughts on doing an advanced course of having a photo reference but changing up your drawing or painting? This could be hard, I understand if not, maybe you could just give me a few tips on this subject.

This drawing I just tried to get the anatomy right as well as the light and shade. Any suggestions would be great.

Also, is there a way to see your new live classes if you can’t make it to them at 10 on Saturday?




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March 25, 2020

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