Porträt Side View- Michael B.

Portrait_DTO Kopie

Hello Matthew,

I mostly work on portrait studies. Ten minutes of drawings.
Overall, I have the impression that some skills are developing slowly.

  • Positives
  • I practice a soft long stroke.
  • I pay more attention to the proportions of the parts of my face and keep comparing.
  • I understand the meaning of drawing exact angles.
  • The hatching follows the rounding of the face better in order to achieve more plasticity.
  • I consciously pay attention to color gradations and color values.
  • I’m looking for the line that separates the light from the dark.


  • For an exact drawing, I still use a grid to create a likeness.
  • How can we capture and draw precisely using angles?

Which way should I choose next to practice drawing likeness even better?

Thank You for all Your support!



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July 12, 2020

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