Porträt 4 – Michael Basler


Hi Matt,

I’m glad to be back again and be part of the drawing circus again. 
I spent my holidays in Texel Netherland a very beautiful dutch Island.
Every day I did  Urban Sketches of villages, Churches, Harbours, and boats or the landscape.
My wife and my daughter’s family stayed with us.

Here is another view of the beautiful girl ( I don’t know her name).
You did send me a link with more photos of her. Unfortunately, the got blurry when I increased the size of the photos.

Altogether I did five drawings of her and I will do more.
Her face is not easy to draw because of the roundness and the sweet strawberry nose. (the form reminds me so).

I realize more awareness in the way I draw. Always comparing drawing and photo. Using plump lines to check the proportions. My lines are lighter to have more room to correct proportions.

I really like what I learned so far threw Your good mentorship. Thank You.

Michael Basler


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August 23, 2020

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