Portrait Wendy

Shea Portrait

Dear Matt,

I had great fun this week drawing this portrait and I made two “experiments”. First I wanted to test the unfinished look (especially for the hair) and second I wanted to try to use mainly straight up and down pencil strokes to make a very soft drawing, except for the features of the face which I wanted to model a little bit more to make them pop. I tried to respect the value structure and make the head turn nonetheless, I hope it worked. 

I find it hard to see the cylinders and surface planes on the lips and the turning planes in general. Could you please show me where they are (the turning planes) ?

I’m quite happy with the result, I know I could improve it but I don’t know how, and I tried not to overwork it. Looking forward to hearing your critique ! Thank you in advance,



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August 9, 2020

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