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Hi Matt,

Absolutely loved your teaching on this project but so much to take in.  I decided rather than trying to apply all the knowledge I have taken from you all at once a better approach for me is to concentrate on 3 things at a time until I’ve ‘got it in the bag’ then move on to another set of principles.  My focus has been on values, line diversity and angles.   The values I’ve used are my own rather than mimicking my photo reference which is way way too dark and have taken on board last weeks critique re my line and have tried not to make them all equal.  However am not sure I understand the theory behind this in that I’m making a dark line here and there but couldn’t tell you what my thinking is around why I’ve made those choices.  Does that make sense.  Am not particularly comfortable with this because I’m just employing a hit and miss, see what happens approach!!   Focussing on the angles more made it much easier to get the skeleton of the picture down and overall I enjoyed the whole process.  However I struggled with the neck area, it was like a road map to me and often felt that I was staring to lose control of the drawing.  As always look forward to your invaluable advice. Jan


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October 27, 2019

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