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Hi Matt,

I finally finished. I think…well, maybe a bit more on the light background. It is hard to know when to quit, especially fading off the chest and downward.

I loved this class, this project. I got a lot out of it, including valuable reminders about preliminary steps and angles and proportions. I used the Strathmore smooth bristol paper. Good thing, ’cause I did a lot of erasing. “Draw more lightly, slow down the process, don’t worry about those delicious details…they’ll still be waiting for you when you’re ready for that stage,” I keep telling myself. Old habits die hard. Decades old.

Your thoughts on line work, and how you’ve been including it more in your drawings, really resonated with me. I can do smooth pencil shading, no problem. But having re-visited some favorite Old Masters, especially Raphael and Rembrandt, I would like to incorporate more lineword in my drawings. So I’ve been practicing in my sketchbook, and also on a larger scale. I love a challenge!

Thanks for another gem of a class!

Cindy S


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August 25, 2019


  1. Cody Martin

    This is awesome. Great job

    • Cindy Swainson

      Thank you Cody! Matt is truly an awesome teacher, isn’t he?

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