Portrait practice – Nancy

Hi Matt,

You know those drawings when hand, eye and mind cooperate and you end up with a drawing you almost wish you didn’t have to finish because it’s so much fun to work on? This drawing wasn’t one of those. 😒

Again, started with a difficult-ish reference (because that’s my jam, man) and unusual lighting. Again, I seem to have compressed her head – even though I really tried working my measurements this time (instead of slapdashing them like I usually do). I tried to be faithful to a six value scale, but seem to have moved towards too dark? Anyway, it ended up being so challenging I stopped and did two rendered full body gesture drawings before getting to this point and deciding it was time for expert advice.

Re: the odd highlight on the curve of her cheek, Mike G. suggested trying a light line and – if that didn’t work – perhaps a gradient background, but we weren’t sure if that would make the drawing too different from the rest in this project ( as I’m trying to stick to a white or very very super light background). I’ve gone with the light line but am not sure it works. There are also a couple of highlights I can see now that need to be knocked back. And I made her look quite old when she’s really very young but just concerned.🥺

The only part I quite like is the gear on her one shoulder.😆

Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time.



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February 10, 2020

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