Portrait practice – Nancy

Hi Matt,

Well, this week’s drawing was a great example of a couple of things:

1/ how getting your measurements correct at the start can keep you from having small errors that lead to bigger errors across the finished drawing, and

2/how taking photos of your work – as early as possible – lets you see the drawing from a slightly removed perspective, which makes errors or areas needing work jump out so you can fix them early. 📷 

I managed to forget to do both actions with this drawing. 🤦‍♀️

The big mistake was the initial measurements. I’ve compressed her face too much, and made it broader than it is in the reference. Any suggestions on fixing this kind of booboo? Or should I just buckle in and start it again?

Once again the ref isn’t ideal – but I did use two other copies , one high contrast for shadows and another for lights, both with improved sharpness (as you demonstrated in my last crit). That really helped with seeing highlights and shadows! 

Thanks for any advice as usual!


Photo ref from The Expanse season 4 – character Carol Chiwewe played by Patti Kim.



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January 20, 2020

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