Portrait practice – Nancy


Hi Matt,

As part of my ongoing (and very slow) practice drawing portraits, I’ve been using still photos/screenshots from the series The Expanse (because it gives me an excuse to rewatch it – it’s so good!).

This weekend’s drawing was fun to do but frustrating. The photo ref was not ideal, being dark and oddly lit. However, I liked the expression and thought it would be worth a try, but I really missed the likeness. 

Any feedback you could provide on where I could correct things if I try again would be greatly appreciated. And yes, the number one suggestion would be to use a better ref (but that expression! Also, the challenge of drawing the lights!).😝

Many thanks – and Happy Belated New Year!


(Pic posted on Instagram with modified contrast at @bennycatgirl)


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January 13, 2020

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