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Hi Matt,

Hope you are keeping well.  Sorry Matt but it’s Marilyn again, although am doing it in pencil this time.  I know the ref isn’t very good but it wasn’t my choice.  My 1st hurdle was the photo ref is extremely light so in order to get any depth into the face I knew I’d have to go darker.  However she’s ended up lets say looking extremely tanned (appreciate this may look lighter on your screen) even though the darkest skin tone I’ve laid down is no more than a value 8.  This has left me  little leeway with regards to my lights.   Am totally confused on this one Matt.  Why does the skin look so dark when in reality the value is quite light and secondly how do I move forward.  I can’t go lighter with my darkest value because I’ve nothing left for my lights and if I go darker she’s going to go from suntanned to burnt to a crisp!!  I know you will have a logical answer to this but I just can’t fathom it out.  Am also not happy with her left side of her hair and the jumper.  Anything else you feel is wrong would appreciate you highlighting as I really do want to put this one to bed and move on to some of your projects.  Many thanks Jan  


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April 12, 2020

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