Portrait Drawing – Rebecca

Capped at 10 hours drawing-489acdc8

Hi Matt

Apologies on the double upload, The “Featured Image” wording threw me a little and I clicked upload image on autopilot thinking that’s where I could attach my image. 

I slowed down to do this portrait rather than rushing through, and while there are still angles etc that are wrong, I had fun drawing again! As I realise that I really only have about 5-6 hours a week I can draw at the moment (anything else is a bonus), each drawing Im going to focus in on the learning, rather than getting it perfect. As such I didn’t go into the hair as much as I wouldve liked, but Im happy with it for being capped at 10 hours (the eyes and nose look a few goes!).

I’d like to learn all I could from this, so if you would have advise for what I could do better on or focus on next time, that would be great!

thanks Matt








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December 4, 2022

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