Portrait Drawing Jan G


Hi Matt,

Picked this photo because of the big shadow shape but it proved more difficult than I anticipated.  This is my second attempt (1st one went in the bin!).  My struggles came from not being able to see the features on the shadow side of her face and as a consequence judging the proportions wrongly.  It was only when I held a mirror up to it I could see how distorted it all was.  I can’t see any of those distortions in my second attempt.  My goal for this portrait was to get a good balance with my values; pay attention to lost and found lines and to using curved lines to give the illusion of form.  Am not sure I succeeded on this last point as my lines just look messy to me and more as if they’ve been thrown in as an afterthought.  Hopefully you can see them and any help you can offer would be appreciated.   The other big struggle which I have on all my portraits is the size of the eye as in distance from upper lash to lower lash.  Unlike the other features there never seems to be anything to compare it with or line up with and they are the measurements I have the most lack of confidence in.  I have done your features of the face course but it still remains a struggle for me.  Look forward to your comments.  Thanks 


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December 19, 2019

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