Portrait Drawing Jan G

Hi Matt,

Couple of questions on this one.  Using mostly reference photos, light is not really something I think about;  When doing this drawing I initially assumed the light was shining on the right side of his face but the shadow under his cap confused me so figured the light had to be coming down from overhead.   Realise my knowledge of how light works is sorely lacking so not sure if I’m correct.  Secondly tried to emphasise the line work more but seem to be having trouble with this.  My strokes either seem to merge with the layers underneath and if I reach for a darker pencil then they seem to resemble tram lines – not quite the look you were suggesting I aim for!!  However you may view it differently.  Lastly with regards to values I didn’t try to rigidly match the values to the photo rather I simplified it by making sure I put a couple of values from the dark spectrum and ditto from the light.  Is that too basic or do you think that works?   Many thanks Matt  


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February 15, 2020

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