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Hi Matt,

I ruminated on what you told me in our Tuesday class about trying to make mistakes work to your advantage and I took another shot at the poppies painting that I had ruined last week and was just about ready to abandon.

Long story short, last week I decided to go back on this painting two months after I had finished it because I was never totally happy with it and I wanted to bring some more light to it and fix the poppies which were too cliche looking for my taste. While I first managed to make a more abstract version of the poppies, I ruined the lower part trying to match the colours.

I am only uploading the initial version and the last version that I painted today, skipping the intermediary totally ruined one. Since it is fresh and wet, any suggestions or small tweaks would be most welcome.

Thank you for your advice and see you on Tuesday,



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March 21, 2021

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