Playing with Procreate- Peter V


Hi Matt,

This week I have been playing around with Procreate,  I don’t know my way around the app that well but overall pretty happy with this my first attempt at a real drawing.  I’m not sure it is as satisfying as paper and pencil trying to do a pencil style drawing.  I used a split screen with my reference to the side as you see it here and did no tracing of the reference.

It was difficult to try to duplicate my technique I use with pencil, especially smudging and blending, but that my be more because I don’t know how to use the app that well.  I think it was Phil during the last zoom call who said you have to think of this as a whole different medium to what you have been doing, so trying to reproduce my pencil style here may not be the best way to go.  Could you give some pointers on finding your style when digital drawing?  My initial feeling is it feels more like wanting to paint than sketch.



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July 24, 2021

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