Pencil to Paper Homework (Paul Ainsworth)

Pencil to Paper Homework

My homework submission for the Pencil to Paper lesson.

I am quite comfortable using continuous lines and found it to be a very enjoyable approach, as typically I draw the figure using long, quick pencil strokes.

I struggled on the values, as you can see the cast sketch is pretty muddy and I don’t feel there is enough tone variety. I found myself to be quite heavy handed, this lead to light values not being light enough and ending up as midtones.

Drawing the value scale was a big help, though I think some of the values are too similar. I plan to do a value scale as part of my regular practice.

Upon reflection, I think I needed to make the darker areas on the cast much dark as the drawing overall is pretty flat.

I have taken a lot from this lesson and have plenty to work with going into the next.



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August 26, 2019

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