Pencil to Paper exercise (Rachel)

PtP Cast drawing DTO

Hey Matt,

This is the exercise from Begin here Step by Step > Pencil to Paper. I’m not usually confident in drawing the figure but I found this wasn’t too stressful. It felt the way you describe it in the recommended reading, as a meditative process. 

Let me know what you think.

Also –

Last week you asked me why I joined DTO. Mostly it’s because I want to get better at drawing the figure, and to feel more confident with it. I also want to just generally improve and master drawing skills. I have done some formal study but I felt that it wasn’t as academically focused as I would have liked (the uni was in an absolute shambles and the arts weren’t particularly focused on, at one point we didn’t have a teacher for over a month- insane, I know). I felt like I missed something important and what you have here appears to be what I’ve been searching for. My current artist obsession is a guy named Miles Johnston. I love his style, skill and exploration of interesting and complex ideas.

Anyway, I hope that helps offer a bit more context/info on me





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August 24, 2020

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