Pencil to Paper


Strathmore bristol smooth paper 11 x 14 inches

Color-erase pencil, black

Gray scale by The Color Wheel Company

  1. I was lost with measurements concerned with proportions.  I did comparison and triangulation. I’m not good with math.  What do you think of the use of proportional dividers?
  2. I’m light handed and have always drawn in line more than tone.  Until in two different drawing classes I was told line don’t exist and “my style was painting by numbers”.  One other teacher put a big X on my drawing .  I’m now learning to do mass/tone drawings
  3. The smaller figure drawing I had trouble with the left arm. May be I went too dark too fast.  It looks like it has a short sleeve and the cuff is turned up.  LOL
  4. So I did a larger figure but only a part of the figure concentrating on that arm. I think it’s okay?
  5. Did the gray scale, the last three values were not easy
  6. First time using the Color-erase.  I like it, and does take patience to build up the layers
  7. Carrying a small sketchbook and practicing valves and lines on public transportation.
  8. Any advice on my line and values, and how to get the the right proportion is appreciated

Reineres Susbilla



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October 24, 2021

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  1. Reineres Susbilla

    Hi Matt. Thank you for the advice regarding lines, and plumb lines. Sorry couldn’t make it to the zoom class on Tuesday

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