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DTO First Image and Reference

Hello Everyone 🙂

My goal has always been to draw faces and figures from the imagination like comic book artists but in a more realistic-3D way. I struggle with sticking with the endeavor because I get easily distracted, but really want to dedicate energy to drawing well.

I am currently a hobbyist. I want to draw characters and catalog my drawings on a website. I know Mark’s instruction will help me a great deal. I just have to stick with it. 🙂


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September 23, 2023


  1. Mary Ransom

    Welcome, Peggy!
    You’ve come to the right place – Matt is a phenomenal instructor – my drawing ability has improved so much since joining DTO!
    I hope you can join us on the live Zoom classes Tuesday afternoons! Happy drawing!
    : ) Mary

    • Peggy Durant

      Thanks a bunch Mary. I plan on joining the Zoom classes. Matt cancelled today, so I will join next week. 🙂

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