pearl frush – matching values


I took your advice and watched your video on matching values. A couple of things are working against me on this one.

a) this paper doesn’t take the graphite very smoothly so there are areas in the dark area that I can’t get darker because I can’t fill the paper there. This was an expensive sketchbook but I guess its the wrong type for what I’m wanting to do. Its also kind of yellow compared to the reference paper.

b) my reference pic is alot lighter in person that it is in the photo. The shadow shape on her face is not as dark as it appears in the photo that I’m uploading, nor is her hair. When I place the value finder on her hair is a 4/5 and the shadow shape on her face is a 5 in the darkest area.

Anyway,  just looking for your input on my matching values attempt on this one…and any input would be appreciated.




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August 23, 2019

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