Paul: New Student, Recent Drawing Submission ‘Work in Progress’ (A Lady Drinking Tea)

A Lady Drinking Tea


My name is Paul.

I’m a 29 year old self-taught amateur artist, my aim is to pursue a career in illustration. I understand that I’m not talented and I started drawing quite late at 23 years old. However, I believe that with hard work, a clear goal and a structured learning plan, though, I may not be able to be the worlds greatest artist, I will be able to realise my own potential, understand and accept my limits and reach a standard I can be proud of.

What I feel holds me back is a lack of structured learing, I draw every day but due to not having a clear goal in mind I often struggle to know what to learn next and as art is so broad I can quickly become overwhelmed. It’s due to this that I feel it would be best for me to start from the beginning.

There are plenty of gaps in my knowledge and this drawing shows that I need to develop a solid understanding of the fundamentals.

With that said, I am looking forward to getting stuck in.


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August 17, 2019


  1. Cody Martin

    Hi Paul – I’m new too. He has a lot of great tips in his videos. I can already see an improvement. Good luck.

    Oh and 29 is practically a baby. You still can be and do anything you want.

    • Paul Simpson

      Hi Cody,

      That’s good to hear, I am looking forward to working through the videos.

      I really needed to hear that, thank you.

      Good luck to you too.

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