Part 2 of 60 minute drawing-Memory of the peanut shape–Timm

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Hi.  I’ve been stuck in small increments of time with drawing.  Having done so many 30 second gestures over the last five years, it’s put into light the reality that I get anxiety looking at the clock, but need to work with it in mind.  I can’t quite balance that.  This is my first upload, so thank you for any critique.  The body turned out more androgynous than I intended, but I went rather quick without haste, tuscan red col-erase underneath Derwent 4B, and didn’t really have any idea for an outcome.  I saw this more of a 10 minute drawing than a 60 minute, since the 60 minute drawing still has a lot more ahead for me.  


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April 18, 2021

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