Hi Matt, I hope you are well! A note on the reference photo that goes with this. The one you are seeing is for the lemons. I used my other painting in this series for the branch and ribbon. I also added and deleted leaves to try to improve the over all look. I did not know how to upload both pictures for you –  So – this is my new painting and it is the fourth and final painting for my “still life” series. I will be doing any touch up and varnishing them all to complete 2019. Finishing these four was a big goal for me with a full time job and “life” but I was really driven to create a “mini” portfollio series. They all tie into each other as they are all fruit from my trees and I used a few of the same themes in each. However, the color in this one sets it apart and I decided that that is OK with me. I really tried in this one to curb my reflective light issue and I hope that comes across. I feel that the leaf on the left needs some fine tuning. I really can’t thank you enough for all the crtiques this year and the support. I am very grateful. Karen



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December 7, 2019

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