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Hi Matt,

What’s the technique to do the statue’s hair? If I were doing it in pencil, I’d layout the different hair shape zones. I tried to do that, but I don’t have a great brush. It paints fairly wide, so I thought I could try to thin it when I fill in the value. But then I run into the problems when I try to lay in more of the darker hair lines, I’m no where thin enough. What brush do you use for this? I have some pretty small brushes, but the bristles are fairly soft and maybe 3/8 in long. Do you thin the paint when using smaller brushes? Do I need a stiffer brush with shorter bristles? I don’t feel like I can draw with any of them.

I feel I’m getting better at mixing values. Everything was always coming out to dark. Water mixable oils.




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May 4, 2024

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