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Hi Matt,

I started your painting course, where you first do some gradients and a sphere. Well you made it look pretty straightforward with oils, but I was using acrylic. It seemed like I just turn my head and the acrylic is dry. Initial attempt at blending was a complete mess. I spent a lot of time online looking for help. For these pictures I used a lot of water on both the paint and board. I also found that I needed to start with much bigger dollops of paint than you appear to use in the videos. Low values required just a teeny amount of black. I gather that I should try to use some medium and/or retarder to give me more time. 

Do you have any recommendations for good acrylic paint instruction? Looking at random youTube videos is not very structured like your approaches. Do you think any of your other students may have some recommendations? You used to have a forum area for those type of questions.

Any advice appreciated. Or should I abandon acrylic and go with oil? I like the clean-up so much better and I know it can be done. So far painting has made me faster, but not better. LOL. 

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August 6, 2023

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