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Hi Matt! I hope you are doing great! This is the sister painting to the one you helped me with in a coaching session. I set up the still life and photographed it. These are all items that I received for my special birthday this year. From photo to today it took by over 2 months working in the evenings and weekends. I really learned alot and in the end I am happy as I feel it delivered on my artist expression. I went more painterly in the end and I have to look at each painting as a path to my true style. I could of done better at setting up the still life in terms of the fabric, It should of had many more folds in it. I realized I was struggling as there was to much flattness to the scarf. So I looked at a bunch of master paintings and just inserted a bunch of folds to create the depth and look and feel of a hanging scarf. Lesson learned. My mantra for painting is: I only know what I know right in this minute. You can’t get stuck…you have to just keep painting. I wanted to turn it in now as the center flower in life is really white. I made the gradations in a lavender and blue from the scarf. I left it unblended. My feeling is I could blend some of it and leave some “thicker” areas as that is how it really is. The one dash of pink paint represents the happiness of being a girl and that it goes with the rest of the paintings. For me I like the balance of painterly and abstract with the cleaness of the other objects. Thank you for all of your thoughts and feedback and really appreciate it! 


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September 8, 2019

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