OWL-Beginning outline


Matt-first time with Derwent watercolor pencils-need advice on how to proceed; I started with light .5 mechanical pencil(with several erasing of course!)-and now doing light outline with color pencil to get correct measures:e.g.-see my half circle on owl’s right wing(your left) with golden brown to get the outline of that particular feather to get the sequence of “brown” spots along that particular feather plume. Question #1: Is that an appropriate method (if I was doing strictly graphite that would seem to be the way to work towards an accurate rendering-correct?!

Question#2:having never done paint or color before I have been experimenting with trying to get the right color/value in different areas by,  for example :Blending “gunmetal” and “light violet” on sketch paper before using it on the underside of owl rt wing your left and using brush to get(eventually) appropriate values and then use heavier application of “copper beech” to get it’s darker spots along the feather/plume line—I’ve done similar blends to get eyes/iris-e.g.:”ivory black”with “golden brown”&”copper beech” and “kingfisher blue”&white of paper(Strathmore Bristol smooth) for light spot on eye.  What do you think? Suggestions? I’m happy so far(lots of hours with many more to go)not having experience with color-is this how one approaches color…even though these are watercolor pencils I’m afraid to use any brushes with water as I think I like, so far, the color pencil!

thank you-sorry for long monologue. Bob kantner


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December 8, 2019

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