Otter buddies-half way there


Matt-switching from portrait to animals for a “mental” change. Using Derwent color pencils on Strathmore Bristol smooth paper.  My question has to do with my typical question/difficulty with solid shapes this time with color and limited palette-however, I was thinking of using more of a copper beech and or brown ochre on the left otter and gun metal gray on the right otter on their stomachs above water for solid shapes, then using heavier values of browns on left otter, black on right to get their ridges of wet fur…not sure how to do the water which has a mix of greens,blues…

What do you think?  Also, I realized(too late!)about no getting the right angle on the left 🦦 stomach and his legs are a little too far apart-so I’m calling it “artistic license”😬

Hope you and family are staying healthy and safe.
Sincerely, bob kantner


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March 21, 2020

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