Older brother


Struggled with this…two different light sources (with differing intensity) from two different angles (i found this very challenging, e.g., six different light/dark values under area just below HIS right nostril, because of “double” shadows)…please(!) list as many ways to improve as you can see…HELP…Second go at this young man. Swarthy, so have to be careful not to make too dark…(because he isn’t)…his younger brother is next in line for portrait (the last portrait I do for gratis) and is lighter skinned then this guy (this older boy is the spitting image of his lovely mother), so skin-tone issue has to be addressed…..and the background??  Like to “match” the backgrounds for the portraits?  Good idea?  Bad idea?  What background?  Suggestions???  Thanx Matt….


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March 27, 2021

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