Old man with beard drawing Jan G


Hi Matt,

I had two objectives with this drawing.  The first was to be free and loose with the face and just have fun with it.  So I drew this without the use of measuring tools, rather just relying on my eye to capture what I saw.  It allowed me not to tighten up so much and gave me a sense of freedom I haven’t felt before so yes it was fun.   My second objective was to tackle my achilles heel which relates to hair/fur/stubble and beards.  I’ve gone over your videos a few times and think well yes I’ve got that but once I put pencil to paper I’m just not feeling it literally.  That maybe sounds a bit crazy but for example when I was rendering his cheek and wrinkles I could actually FEEL them becoming round and coming to life almost as if you’re in total control of your pencil strokes and believe me I could have worked for hours on those wrinkles I was so enjoying it!!   Not so with the beard it all felt so flat like the pencil strokes were meaningless and not translating into anything.  So I’ve left it where it is not because I’ve given up, I haven’t but I’m hoping you can give me some guidance as to where you feel I’m going wrong or how maybe I could approach it from a different angle.  I have purposefully left my beard outline fairly light so I can rub it out and have another stab at it.  Thanks  Matt.











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January 4, 2020

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