Old Man drawing Jan G

Hi Matt,

Don’t worry Matt I’m not going to inundate you with men with beards!  Just loved his face and had to draw it.  Sadly the digital version is far less vibrant than the original so I hope you can look past that.  All the golden nuggets you have taught me over time I have tried to apply to this drawing as it is important to me that not only do I understand all these concepts but that I can apply them.  The reason this is important is because I feel it’s time to come out of my comfort zone and move on to another subject but want to feel confident that I’m ready for it.  Would really welcome your thoughts on this and especially on where you think my weak points are that I need to focus on.  Sorry if this question oversteps the boundaries and is seen more as personal mentoring, if so please just ignore the question.   If I can be consistent and capture the likeness I am more than happy as I feel the rest will come over time as long as I can apply what you’ve taught me.

On a final note hope to move onto figure drawing which I know we’ve touched on before.  Given where I am at now which course do you think is the best for me to start at?  Sorry but cannot remember which one you suggested last time we discussed it.  Many thanks Jan




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January 26, 2020

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