Old house. Staci


Hi Matthew! 
This is my second attempt with oil painting.  I used linseed oil with it.  Like every other medium I have tried so far, I really enjoyed it.  And I want to work more with it.  
As our instructor here, maybe I can get your input on a quandary I am having and hope that maybe I am not alone. I have only been drawing and doing art for the last 3-4 years…so I am literally all over the place.  I just want to do it all. And my mind gets totally overloaded. One day I try watercolor, next digital, then oil, then back to sketching or pen and ink. How should I know what to land on? I have heard you say pick one thing and do it well basically. Do you think I am still in the experimental stage or is it time to find my niche? 
I know we all value your opinions and words of wisdom.  So as always, thanks for all of you do to help us to be successful in our efforts!


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July 31, 2021

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