NY finest&Nana


Matt-hope all is well with you.  This was more a fun sketch rendering of a nice memory from recent trip to Freedom Tower and brought up some questions I had about background and when to leave out or just suggest details.  I just wanted to capture the faces and just suggestion of clothing and brief diagonal lines in background.

Believe it or not I spent a lot of time layering and increasing value for officer’s skin tone in contrast to “Nana’s”skin tone.  Did I come close to succeeding (I know this is something that I will continue to be working on as long as I keep drawing!)and do proportions and measuring look about right?  I tried to capture the shadows (on iris, across forehead,cheeks,etc).  So, besides my wanting your critique and suggestions, my general question is how do you determine how simple or complicated you make your background and “incidentals”(clothing, etc)when doing portraits especially?

Sorry I couldn’t make it on this particular trip some day I will make one of your small groups at the museum!
take care, bob kantner


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November 10, 2019

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