Nikola – pencil drawing (HB)

Nikola - pencil drawing HB

Hey Matthew,

My name is Nikola, 23 years old and it’s my first time being here. I’m very excited to follow your lessons, because I really vibe with your style, tools and philosophy.

I started drawing 1,5 years ago. And for the last 6 months I’m taking it pretty serously. I study/draw everyday (~3 hours outside my fulltime job, and more on weekends).

I did this 1st drawing this weekend since I realized I don’t have any completed, polished/rendered drawings because all of the time I did just studies or homeworks from other online resources/books. It took like 1,5 hours.

Now the reason why I don’t have any longer/polished drawings is below: 

This seems strange to me and worries me a bit, but I don’t find much joy in just drawing stuff that already exists (like fanart, pictures etc) except when doing studies (I enjoy to study anatomy, perspective, breaking into simple shapes etc – You articulated it very well – “task oriented meditation”).

I admit that I still don’t know what I’m doing and being immature for this year and a half, but my goal and desires in art is to create paintings/sketches with stories like William Blake, Henry Fuseli did. From my imagination. 

And because of this I feel like I need to know anatomy/rendering/principles well enough to create my own poses and compositions from imagination. Yes, I have some ideas and I can improvise (but I still can’t put on paper what’s in my mind.). Is it possible or I am naive and immature ?

I’m looking forward to get into the lessons.




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January 18, 2020

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