The last week I have tried to apply the techniques I learned form the begin-here-statues to a drawing from imagination. I wasn’t sure if I should upload this one because I don’t have any kind of reference, but I really want to learn how to make drawings like this more believable.

My first and biggest problem is the light and shadow. When I shaded the large creature, I tried to think in big oval shapes, but somehow the overall form is not believable. It looks like the limbs don’t belong to the body. I also tried to add some reflected lights, but I’m not sure if I placed them right.

Another problem are these flat looking pants, but I’m not brave enough to add folds and highlights, because I have no idea how to place them and this pencil is so hard to erase.
(I would love to have a zoom class on clothes)


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April 25, 2021

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