N.Y.finest-part2:rough sketch


Matt-happy thanksgiving and hope vacation was good.  This is a rough sketch In realize about needing more solid values shapes, I thought I was/am capturing facial likeness( understanding that one eye might be too large on my grand-dtr closest tómale officer and so on)

But my MAIN question is how to you maintain proper perspective when you are doing several persons and part of their torso when I’m essentially doing a portrait of each person within a setting?  Is there some techniques that I can practice-I was not there but I was told that the four were pretty much in a straight line, possibly the female officer and my other grand-dtr were slightly back; also those two are shorter.  I made initial marks at either end to mark beginnings of officers body and heads as well as tops of heads etc. And here I am after a number of hours with erasures and the two on left appear more in foreground…argh!!so suggestions?thank you in advance for your time.

peace, bob kantner


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November 17, 2019

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